ostreaOstrea Mineral Laboratories, Inc. (OMLI) is a provider of dependable third party laboratory services for the mining, semiconductor, automotive, power generators, cement plants, pharmaceuticals, industrial parks, and food industries. Its services adhere strictly to established international standards for protecting sample integrity and reliability of assay results. OMLI’s almost 37 years of uninterrupted service is a testament to its dedication to customer satisfaction in meeting expectations for high quality work and short turn around times.



Our activities includes:

  • use of instrumental methods of analysis for very low detection levels down to trace analysis particularly for samples involving pollutants in the environment and key low values of signature metals in geological exploration samples
  • precious metals assaying
  • sampling and analysis of environmental samples involving drinking water, industrial waste and wastewater, ambient air and source emission
  • workplace environment inspection and monitoring
  • food, feeds and fertilizer testing
  • detection of offensive organic constituents in soil and estuaries
  • Gold processing and extraction backed by patents registered both locally and abroad

A part of OMLI’s continued success is attributed to its management team which through the years has guided the company to where it stands today. The collective wisdom and experience of OMLI managers reflect on the general quality of work and ensures that OMLI maintains the same standards of excellence and customer satisfaction for which it has always been known for.

  • ANTONIO M. OSTREA, Ph.D – MIT (Chairman – Executive Committee)
  • IMELDA R. OSTREA (VP – Treasury)
  • LORNA G. SY (President)
  • ELIGIA D. CLEMENTE (EVP – Operations)
  • NOEL R. OSTREA (SVP – Finance and Admin)
  • CARLOS C. LAYUG (AVP – Sales and Marketing)
  • JUDITH B. BAYBAY (Comptroller / Admin Manager)